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Who are we? We were once student/athletes just like you. We have been where you are going...we have made that life altering decision you are about to make...WITH LITTLE TO NO INFORMATION!!! It’s a wonder we made it but here we are, here for you.

STARS is the brainchild of Arnold Macon. He surrounded himself with people just like him, athletes and academic professionals, educators and coaches. He saw a need to guide the young people (while informing their parents) through the selection process of choosing a college or university. He knows the difficulties that can be experienced and put his mind to outlining a formula...A WINNING help a student or athlete be organized, be informed and most of all, be confident when talking to, dealing with and finally choosing the correct college to meet their personal needs and criteria.

“Having been through this experience ourselves in both the academic and athletic arenas, our staff is comprised of scholars holding PhD’s, Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in an array of fields. Our staff has over 30 years of coaching and teaching experience in academics, business and athletics. We know the difficulties in making an informed and educated selection in a system that provides you with the information THEY want you to know. That is where we come in…”

We are STARS. People just like you who care about you and the decision you are about to make. We are here to guide you AND your parents through the information gathering and organization process. We have the questions you may not have thought of or even considered important. We want you to be comfortable, confident and completely happy with your upcoming decision. That’s our goal, that’s our aim and that’s why we are here. We are here for you.

Good Luck
We’re behind you all the way.

Arnold Macon, President
Sport Training and Recruiting Services, Inc.